Sunday, July 15, 2012

You can blame a house & partial studio move for the gap between postings, but I'm back  with a new  product - yay! For ages I've wanted to put my designs onto some trinket boxes & here are samples of my 1st ever batch. Aren't they cute?!
These ones have a three of my most popular designs cut out from the self hinged lid. There is one more, but you'll have to wait for that one! They are cut from bamboo ply which is such a lovely warm colour, as well as being strong & sustainably supplied... a win, win, win situation!

Osmosis has a couple of places where you'll be able to get these in the next 6 weeks. Firstly the WA State Theatre, the fabulous new venue for the Made on the Left Market on Sunday 29th July. Then at the next Montage Collective Pop-Up Shop at 224A William St, Northbridge from 6th August - 2nd September.

Thursday, March 8, 2012


For so long now I've been meaning to get to grips with my Etsy shop & in the past few days I've been gradually adding some of my cross stitch items such as the blank heart(above) ready for you to stitch...
Once all the cross stitch items are uploaded, I'll begin to add my other jewellery and set up different shop sections to make it all easier to find
I've set myself a goal of adding an item a day (well, most days!!!) , so watch this space for more news...

Friday, February 24, 2012

Cross Words

So here is my latest idea... I'm calling them Cross Words!

I've created a selection of cross stitch blank tiles & designed a cross stitch typeface to fit each letter. Once stitched they make great jewellery elements which can be joined using jump rings from the corner holes.

I'll be selling them for the 1st time ever at next weekend's Perth Upmarket - Sunday 4th March.
There will be a selection of ready made jewellery pieces, such as the YES necklace above, or you can order your own word to be stitched by yours truly. It's up to you - a name, initials, love, lol... whatever you want, I can stitch!
Alternatively, you can buy the blank elements to stitch your own & I'll have some starter packs with patterns, thread & needle. All you need to provide is a comfy chair, a nice cuppa & you're all set up for an hour or 2 of crafty fun!

So come and have a browse at my stall on the outside verandah near the pond, next weekend at UWA


My goodness, I've been lax with my social networking lately!

To make up for it, tomorrow you will get an exclusive preview of the latest development with my cross stitch designs which will be launched at the next Perth Upmarket on Sunday March 4th...

I hope that wetted your appetite?!!!